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KidCo Magnetic Lock-Starter Set (Model S3362),

This ingenious lock keeps cabinets and drawers locked tight and guards against pinched fingers! It works on almost all styles of cabinets and drawers, even those where you can't use a standard latch! To open, simply place the special magnetic key on the face of the door or drawer and the lock stays open until the key is removed. Locks can be temporarily shut off.  Mounts with special adhesive tape. (some installations may require use of included screws).

.This latch must be mounted upright in order to work properly - it can not be mounted on its side or upside down. This kit includes 2 locks and one magnetic key

Automatic Door Closer {small}

Product ID: 326

The Automatic Door Closer is small but strong! It will close a door up to 150 lbs. and works for all interior doors, including the basement! Spring-loaded with an adjustable tension feature, it mounts on any door jam with only a screwdriver. Works on wood or metal doors. Easy installation.

Clearview Stove Knob Covers

Stove knobs are a real temptation for Alzheimer patients. These ultra-secure knob covers — hinged, locking covers allow you instant access for cooking. Locks with an audible "click" so you know the latch is secured. Durable, heat resistant, non-adhesive. Five covers per pack.

Oven Front Lock

"Padlock" your oven door. Put ovens off-limits, with our heat-resistant oven lock! Unlike others, it secures to the front of the door--not the side--so it can be used on ovens in snug spaces. Self-adhering; easy to use.