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SECO-LARM, RF Wireless Transmitters & Receivers | Catalog

SECO-LARM sells to the trade only. 
No direct consumer sales. supplies  several SECO-LARM to consumers

SECO-LARM offers an impressive line of over 600
security products ranging from simple switches to some of the most
sophisticated alarm devices.

Contact information:
For further information on how to purchase SECO-LARM product, or to locate the dealer nearest to you, please contact SECO-LARM at:

16842 Millikan Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606
Fax: 1-949-261-7326

General Information:
Technical Support:

SECO-LARM :  No direct consumer sales.

 Supplier, RF Wireless Transmitters & Receivers | Catalog | SECO-LARM:\\ENFORCER RF Products Catalog

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Urine in carpet, cleaning tip from Arm and Hammer

Mix equal parts water to vinegar and pour the mixture over the affected area to saturate and let it dry
Liberally sprinkle the baking soda over the spot. Then stir up a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish liquid (four parts hydrogen peroxide to one part detergent) and lightly rub the mixture onto the area. Use a brush (old toothbrushes work wonders), gloved fingers, or whatever else you have on hand to get the job done. After it dries, vacuum the area. If the smell remains, repeat the process.