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LittleBits New CloudBit Module Lets Anyone Build ‘safety related things

LittleBits New CloudBit Module Lets Anyone Build ‘Internet of Things’ Devices - Personal Tech News - WSJ

LittleBits New CloudBit Module Lets Anyone Build ‘Internet of Things’ Devices

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The LittleBits CloudBit module.
With LittleBits’ namesake line of small, modular electronics that snap together magnetically, you can make musical synthesizers, light sensors, and simple robots. But, until now, you couldn’t connect your creations to the Internet.

On Wednesday, LittleBits introduced the CloudBit,
a new module that is made up of a small ARM chip, 64MB of RAM, and a
USB Wi-Fi adapter. When you use it with other Littlebits pieces, the
CloudBit lets you make devices you can control over the Web, either with
the company’s own app or the popular service IFTTT. It’s a DIY entry point into the “Internet of things.”

LittleBits is selling its CloudBit as a standalone module for $59, or in a $99 Cloud Starter Bundle
that includes six modules and instructions for five different beginner
projects. The bundle includes devices that will send you a text message when your doorbell rings, remotely feed your pet, or allow you to turn off and on your air conditioning unit using your phone.

The CloudBit and Cloud Starter Bundle are available now at, and will be sold in Radio Shack stores as well.

 Ships from and sold by

littleBits Electronics Premium Kit
by littleBits Electronics
$149.00 Free Shipping for Prime Members

Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

 light, sound, sensing and buttons without wiring, soldering or
programming Contains modules not available in other kits: fan,
pressure sensor, and vibration motor Includes instruction book with 10
projects and hundreds more online Over 600,000 possible circuit
combinations Works with every other littleBits module and kit


Entry Alerts that Alarm You When Someone Enters Your Facility

Entry Alerts that Alarm You When Someone Enters Your Facility

 This is the new "A" system, not compatible with older models. Please call us for availability on models to match your system.The "DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime Set" is a highly versatile passive infrared (PIR) door announcer that senses the infrared emitted by a person or object crossing through its field of view. The DA50L-A wireless door chime operates without reflectors or light beam projectors and therefore is immune to false alerts caused by transient light. You can use with door opened or closed. The DA50L-A Wireless Door Chime is battery powered and does not require electrical wiring. This unique PIR makes the DA50L-A wireless door chime set the best solution for virtually any installation. It can also be used on warehouse roll up doors, inside display cabinets, restricted area protection, or (patio, bedroom, bathroom) window alerting device.


This Caring Home

This Caring Home

 A Project of Weill Cornell Medical College

Finding the right balance between safety and risk is a challenge caregivers of people with dementia continually face, especially when it comes to cooking. It's important to observe if the person can still cook safely. Those in the early stages of dementia may be able to use the stove independently with reminders and safer cooking products. On the other hand, if you notice increased forgetfulness, you'll need to use automatic fire protection strategies and possibly limit access to cooking only when you're in the kitchen. In this section, we'll give you some simple tips on how to maximize cooking safety, including using safer household products and the latest technologies.


Vigil Health Solutions Inc. - Products

Vigil Health Solutions Inc. - Products: Vigil Dementia System

The Vigil Dementia System provides residents suffering from dementia with a means of summoning help without being cognitively alert. The Vigil Dementia System's intelligent software and passive sensors continually monitor resident rooms to detect unexpected behavior for example: extended time out of bed or in the restroom, leaving the room, even incontinence. Incidents are automatically reported to the appropriate caregiver via silent pager, wireless phones or email enabled smart phone, facilitating a calm home-like environment, and eliminating the need for audible alarms or flashing lights that agitate residents.

Take a room tour of the award-winning Vigil Dementia System.


STI 46100 Wireless Motion-Activated Chime, Know When Someone Enters Detection Zone -

STI 46100 Wireless Motion-Activated Chime, Know When Someone Enters Detection Zone - Chime sounds when motion is detected
Signal passes through doors, walls and floors Up to100 foot operating range
Switch located on transmitter selects Alarm or Chime mode There are thirteen chimes selectable with the push of a button on the transmitter
32 selectable codes block interference from outside signals Medline Advantage Magnetic Patient Alarms: Health & Personal Care Medline Advantage Magnetic Patient Alarms: Health & Personal Care: Mounts on bed or chair
Tether clips to patient's clothing
Recessed on/off switch on side of alarm
Battery cover securely fastened with screws; uses 2 AAA batteries included
Adjustable cord AliMed Tamper Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm: Health & Personal Care AliMed Tamper Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm: Health & Personal Care: When magnetic pull switch is removed, alarm is activated
Pull switch can be activated from any direction
Convenient On/Off switch for easy activation-deactivation
Easily mounted on wheelchair or bed
Cord Adjusts from 28" to 58" WMU - 2 In 1 Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime: Home & Kitchen WMU - 2 In 1 Motion Sensor Alarm and Chime: Home & Kitchen: Secures Your Home From Intruders! Piercing Alarm or Pleas' Chime."Feel Safe and Secure anywhere. Infrared Motion Sensor Technology. No installation required. Panic button 'ivates the alarm. Includes 1 mountable alarm unit and 2 remote control units."Great for doors, sheds, garages and more. 4.75 x 3.75 x 1.75 and includes retail packaging Techko S189D Ultra Slim Pool Safety Alarm with Extra Sensor: Camera & Photo Techko S189D Ultra Slim Pool Safety Alarm with Extra Sensor: Camera & Photo: Magnetic sensor entry alarm
"Always on" alarm protection
Adult pass-through auto reset button
Magnetic sensor for additional door/screen door
Additional pass-through button for delayed entry from either side of door or fence SECURE® Motion Detector Sensor PIR Alarm for Fall & Wandering Prevention- One Year Warranty - Free Shipping: Health & Personal Care SECURE® Motion Detector Sensor PIR Alarm for Fall & Wandering Prevention- One Year Warranty - Free Shipping: Health & Personal Care: Choice of 85 dB alarm or chime settings
Continuing alarm sound until shut off by caregiver for resident safety
An invisible fan-like detection area measuring 4 degrees wide and 98 degrees high
A detection range covering 10 feet in length or the approximate length of a bed
Battery included - Attach to a bed or wall with Velcro® strip or screws included - Flexible bracket shwon in third picture is an optional accessory (Search ASIN: B00CYMGNTY)

Product Description
Ideal for both fall management and wandering management. Can be used with or without nurse call interface. Can be affixed to a wall or a bed, placed on the floor or on a table in either a vertical or horizontal position. Attach to a bed or wall with Velcro® strip or screws included. Optional Secure® Flexible Bracket (FB-1) available. Adjust to provide precise movement detection. One year warranty


Specialized Grab Bars |

Specialized Grab Bars |: Specialized Grab Bars
January 20, 2013

Many options are now available for decorative designer grab bars in the home that provide a great option for both beauty and safety. Designer grab bars are available at a variety of costs and styles.


SensorPlug Motion-Sensing Outlet

The SensorPlug Motion-Sensing Outlet is a passive infrared motion sensor that’s triggered when you walk past, instantly turning on a light or even an appliance, such as a fan or a radio.

SensorPlug inserts right into a wall outlet, you don’t need to wire it in.

7.3.13 entry alarms - 4 Stars & Up / Security Sensors / Security & Surveillance: Electronics

Door/Window Entry Alarm with Magnetic Sensor







STI 6400 Exit Stopper Multifunction Door Alarm, Helps Prevent Unauthorized Exits or Entries Through Emergency ...






 Enforcer Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mounted Photoelectric Beam Sensor with 35 Foot Range





MaceAlert Solo Wireless Alarm System Kit

 MaceAlert Solo Wireless Alarm System Kit components for the do-it-yourselfer

Floor Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm 0196

Floor Mat with
Wireless Remote Alarm 0196

Floor Mat with Wireless Remote Alarm For patients at risk of wandering or falling, caregivers need to be alerted immediately of any attempt to get out of bed or out the door.
Place this floor mat next to the bed or en route to any area that you want to monitor for unauthorized activity. When the floor mat is stepped on, the alarm will sound at both the mat and at the remote alarm location (typically in the caregiver's room).

Alarm at the floor mat can be silenced

Colonial Medical Motion Detector Remote Alarm 17888

Motion Detector Remote Alarm 17888

Telephone and auto dialer (Motion sensor on one end)

Telespy Intruder Motion Alert Telephone

Ordinary telephone that doubles as a monitoring system.
TeleSpy operates from any phone line, requires no installation, and is completely portable. No monitoring fees, No false alarms

80355 Security System calls your phone & emergncy contact

Mace Wireless Home Security System
do-it-yourself security system for your home
calls your cell phone and additional emergency contact numbers if the alarm is triggered,

Listen in on the room, broadcast your voice through the control unit, or disarm the system.

Requires only a land line with tone dialing for operation.

WA1 Wireless Alert System

MODEL WA1 Wireless Alert System; (1) Door sensor-transmitter and (1) Wireless receiver-sounder

Sensor sends a signal over 200' away, that "latches" a pleasant volume controlled alerting sound to awake or alert the professional caregiver or home care relative without startling the patient, and continues to alert until reset.

system has several different sensors available to make any monitoring situation "simple", from monitoring a bed restricted person that requires assistance getting up from bed (Model WA1), or to monitoring doors and windows,
• Motion sensor (5" x 1" x 1")
• Receiver (2.5" x 3.5" x 1.5")
The (Model DA4TAC) is available with its own AC power supply to eliminate battery replacement for a more permanent monitoring installation.
*Motion Sensor uses (1) 9v battery (included).
*Remote receiver alert sounder uses 110v transformer (included).

WA 2 wireless system | Magnetic Sensors, call button

(Model WA2).  The Model WA1 or WA2 also has a built-in assistance call function, with the use of our Model DA5T, (wireless push button) that provides a different audible alerting sound "momentary" for the patient that requires "non-emergency" assistance and is not wandering.

Model WARD "extra" receiver-sounder can be added to the Model WA1 system, for notification in additional areas alert that your attention is required, with a pleasant, volume controlled "latched" alerting melody without having to purchase another complete system.

WARD has a ON-OFF switch to deactivate the receiver-sounder, until the monitoring function is required.

Volume control range of "0" to 85 db
Uses 110v transformer power supply (included)
Upstairs and Downstairs locations

Wireless Magnetic Sensor for "extra" windows or doors

The WA2 is a battery operated magnetically activated sensor, that transmits a wireless signal to a remote receiver over 200' away, that emits a latching alert sound, requires attention, without startling the patient, and continues to alert until reset.

The WA-2 door chime ideal solution for doors, windows or medicine cabinets that are always kept closed.

The door sensor mounts easily on all types of doors and the Velcro adhesives (included).


Pages when LO more than 100' AWAY from Carer

Alarm - location Sensor with Local Pager

Made for restless loved one, or loved one who wanders from Alzheimers or some form of dementia.

Alerts carer with Local call to Pager, who must be within approximately 100' o sensor.
Consider for bedside or bedroom door.

You are strongly encouraged to read user product reviews and comments when evaluating your needs and the product under consideration.


No Dial Phones, TELco Dial Lock, incoming calls only, controlling calls Scitec, Inc. No Dial Single Line Phone: Electronics: Scitec, Inc. No Dial Single Line

250047-VBA-NDL Red desk no dial by Cortelco

No Dial Desk Phone Ash Built-In Volume Adjustable Ringer Hearing Aid by Viking Electronics

IMHO, you can take cover off any phone and remove the wires from the dialing unit.

from Yahoo:
There is a feature that most large home phone companies have called "Dial Lock" The way it works is: you have to put in a pass code to be able to dial information, since it is a pay per use feature, as well as long distance calls. So, you can still make your long distance calls to friends & family by putting in the pass code, and those who don't have the pass code can not. It does have a monthly cost, but I'm sure it would be cheaper then paying for high long distance calls, that someone else is making on your phone. Call your local phone company to see if they have this feature, that sounds like just what you need.


retain full control of your telephone while imposing adjustable restrictions

Available from Amazon

T-lock Outgoing Call Blocker w/ Allow Memory and Cut-off Timer - Wallplate Style by
This discrete telephone box hides an electronic circuit that allows you (the owner) to retain full control of your phoneline while imposing these adjustable restrictions:
- Diallow outboung dialing of virtually all long distance telephone numbers (0+, 1+ calls)
- Add a list of allowed numbers including 7 or 10 digit telephone numbers, prefixes or area codes (up to 250 digits combined).
- Activate a call timer that will trigger as soon you the telephone handset is picked up and will cut off all calls (both incoming and outgoing calls) at the time you specific from 1 to 99 minutes
Easy to install, program and use
Works with analog lines and most VOIP lines
4-digit security code bypasses all restrictions
One unit can protect all extensions

PRO Call Blocker - Ver 2.0 - Incoming & Outgoing Telephone Number Blocker by Cheeta
Block up to 1,200 incoming phone numbers & faxes in Blacklist (16 digit each)
Block up to ten (10) incoming area codes and/or prefixes (up to 10 digits each)
Block up to 100 outgoing phone numbers (with owner's passcode) Block calls with no caller ID information (shown as unknown, private, out of area, anonymous, etc)
Line powered Line Powered (no batteries, no external power needed)


GE 51209 Smart Home Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with Programmable Keypad

Sounds alarm when motion is detected.

keypad-controlled alarm sounds a 120dB siren when motion is detected within a 20-Feet range, quickly alerting those in the home if someone moves in the secured area.

The alarm allows you to select your own four-digit security code and features both alarm and chime functions.

delay feature also provides you time to comfortably activate and deactivate the alarm before the siren sounds.

alarm can be used free standing or wall mounted

You are strongly encouraged to read user product reviews and comments when evaluating your needs and the product under consideration.

GE 51207 Motion Sensor Alarm

GE 51207 Smart Home Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm

Product Specifications
Part Number: 51207
Item Dimensions Length: 8 inches Width: 2.25 inches Height: 10.55 inches

No wiring necessary
keychain used for arming and disarming Delay feature to eliminate false alarms

120dB alarm sounds when pin is removed

Motion Detection up to 20-Feet 120dB motion sensing alarm system

simple door chime mode to announce visitors.


GE Wireless-Alarm-System for doors and windows Part Number: 51107

Product Specifications Part Number: 51107


Dimensions Length: 10.50 inches Width: 8 inches Height: 2 inches

120-Decibel alarm sounds when window or door is opened

Uses 4-digit keypad to set security code for arming/disarming Alarm delay feature avoids false triggering

Three window alarms included

GE 51107 Personal Security Alarm Kit includes everything you need to help secure your home

There's no wiring or drilling required for installation.

Simply mount the deluxe door alarm and any of the window alarms using either double-sided tape or screws (included).

The door and window alarms feature a contemporary design with easy access buttons and controls for simple operation.

Keypad for Peace of Mind The deluxe door alarm features a four-digit keypad for programming your custom pin, to secure any door in your home.

The unit mounts easily with the included mounting plate. No measuring or messing with templates. Using the included double-side tape or screws, simply attach the mounting plate in the desired location and snap the door alarm into place

Select instant or delayed alarms with the flip of an easy-access switch. In the 'Away' mode, you have 45 seconds to exit your home after you arm the system.

When you get back home, simply open the door and deactivate the alarm within 30 seconds by entering your custom four-digit code. The 30-second delay helps to eliminate false triggering of the alarm. When you're home, simply select 'Home' mode for an instant alarm. With a 1

When not in 'Alarm' mode, all the alarms in the Alarm Kit offer a chime setting that alerts each time a door is opened. This is a great safety feature if you have small children that may make their way outside unsupervised.

You are stongly encouraged to read user product reviews and comments when evaluating your needs and the product under consideration.

warning person is within 15' of the detector,(near to warning point)

Wireless Wander Alarm 15094, 195
monitors the travel of individual. Using two components: a motion detector and a wireless remote (pager) alarm.

Locate motion detector near the doorway (mounting tape supplied) and turn it on. When someone approachesz within 15' of the detector, a signal is sent to the alarm/pager.

The alarm sounds, alerting carer The transmitter/sensor doesn't sound, eliminating the risk of starling the person. You may choose one of three alarm tones: musical, bell, or siren.

The activated alarm continues to sound for 2 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute after last motion detected.

The receiver can be as close as an inch to the motion detector/transmitter or up to 120 feet away.

You can place receiver down or carry it with you.

The detector plugs directly into an outlet or can use a 9V battery.
Remote alarm receiver uses 3 AA batteries.

Not for outdoor use.

RFID TAG ALARM SYSTEM | Monitor will track your tags it will alarm you when they are outside the set range.

RFID Tag Alarm System from Safety and Security Center

RFID TAG ALARM SYSTEM will alarm you when RFID Tag is outside the set range.

Never Forget or Lose Your LO Again!

Patented wireless technology RFID alerts you when the tagged item moves beyond your comfort zone - effectively preventing loss, theft, or just forgetting an item. Attach the tag to any of your belongings. Turn on the MONITOR. Set the range - Short or Long. Monitor will track your tags and will alarm you when they are outside the set range.

Keep track of laptops, cell phones, briefcases and other commonly lost or stolen items, the electronic "security cable" for your portable valuables. Secure a tag to the item, and then set the monitor's boundary to short (up to 30 feet) or long-range (up to 100 feet). The tiny monitor can attach to a belt loop or key ring; or slip it into a pocket or purse. If your item strays too far, a loud alarm alerts you!

Is small enough to fit in your wallet or cell phone. Works for over 9 months 24/7 Non-stop monitoring the tagged item. Is designed to respond within a few seconds with a strong audio alarm. Has two-range settings to choose from Is smart enough to discriminate between different tags. Will not interfere with other wireless products.

Includes a Monitor that can be clipped to a belt, key ring, or simply placed in a pocket. A Tag that is clipped or adhered to the valued item. Size: 1.75 x 1 x .10

MA80- Motion Activated Alarm w/ Auto Telephone Dialer

MA80- Motion Activated Alarm w/ Auto Dialer. Technical Details: It will call up to 3 people when anyone enters monitored area!
Silently monitors your home or business
Infrared system senses any human motion up to 20 feet away
Loud 125 decibel alarm (the alarm feature can be disabled if you prefer a silent alarm).
Alerts you of any intrusion by phone

Up to three phone numbers are automatically dialed and your pre-recorded message (up to six seconds long) is played. You could program it to call your neighbor, the police, and your cell phone and play a message like, "this is John Doe, an intruder has been detected in my home located at 123 Maple St.."

Features include simple operation (can be installed by anyone in only minutes), arms and disarms using a keypad (you set your own security code), and entry and exit delays help prevent false alarms.

Two alarm system warning decals are included.

Uses on your current phone line the unit comes with a line splitter (an additional line is not required) and 6 feet of phone cable.

Bedside monitor, motion detectorm, 16886

sensor type: infra red
mounting location:multiple options
detector power: batteries ac adaptr
remote receiver
receiver/alarm power: batteries, ac adapter

Name: 16886
Colonial Medical alarm 16886
Infrared Motion Detector Bedside Monitor

Chamberlain Motion sensor signals station up to 900 feet away

Wireless Pedestrian and Vehicle Alert System RWA300R


Designed as Vehicle Alert System, however DIY person may find other uses.
Alerts you with light and sound.
Box contains 1 base station, 1 motion sensor, 1 AC adapter, mounting hardware, and non-slip feet.
Detects motion up to 30 feet away with wide 120 degree coverage
Transmits signal to base station up to 900 feet away Motion sensor features adjustable sensitivity control to prevent false alarms from small animals
Detection indicators with light and sound
Receiver features a 1-hour mute feature (patent pending)
Connect base station with up to 4 motion sensors
Portable and lightweight for use inside or out Durable, weather-resistant design

Chamberlain Wireless Alert System Item# 333182
"Easily expands to work with up to 4 transmitters, or run two or more complete systems to monitor 8 or more areas at once.
Set includes one receiver and one transmitter. Runs up to 12 months on one set of 4 AA batteries"


Medical Alert Telephone with Motion Sensor

Telephone with Motion Sensor

Calls telephone number (after programming) of caregiver, family member or neighbor.

Locate telephone with motion sensor in telephone base aiming where motion sensor picks up movement.

You are strongly encouraged to read user product reviews and comments when evaluating your needs and the product under consideration.