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LED light Strips

{Quote} The LED lights  Most Versatile Lighting In The World. Besides the numerous advantages of LED lights themselves, such as extremely low power consumption, very long lifespan, eco-friendliness, durability and the low cost of maintenance.
Strip lights – unlike fluorescent tubes – can be dimmed too, and the beam of light deriving from a source can be strengthen by placing more than one lines next to each other.
Strip lights are great sources of any additional light, nearby the table or even within the reach of children.
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Safety Gates | Wooden

Gatekeepers | Safety Gates | Stair Gates | Customized, Removable Safety Gates - Gatekeepers, DeForest, WI

Gatekeepers was born out of the need to protect our child with a
durable and completely reliable baby gate. But over the years, as our
company has grown, we’ve realized there are several different reasons to
install a safety gate in a home or business.  In addition to Baby Gates and Pet Gates
we’ve found that caretakers of older adults or children with special
needs find safety gates of great benefit. We also make gates to protect
little ones from fireplaces, provide containment on decks and for
businesses looking to restrict access to certain areas.

Not only are our gates absolutely beautiful, but most importantly, our gates are safe. Our popular Swing Gate has successfully passed the ASTM F1004 Performance Test
and has been pressure tested to 500 pounds.  Too many safety gates
offer little more than a visual deterrent, while Gatekeepers safety
gates are made of solid wood, securely mounted and feature sturdy

Every Gatekeepers specialty safety gate offers the following features:

  • Custom-crafted to fit any size stairway, door opening or hallway
  • Mounted with safe, strong, minimally invasive hardware
  • Innovative slide rail system allows for easy removal
  • Unique latches that offer a level of difficulty for a child, yet are simple enough for an adult to open with one hand
  • Available in maple, oak or cherry wood with unlimited Sherwin Williams stain/paint colors
Not only will you be impressed with our products, you’ll also appreciate the service and support Gatekeepers provides. From initial measurements and consultation to final installation of your new gate, we guarantee your satisfaction.