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Using Usual Things such as Bungee Cord instead of Gates

Using Usual Things: "Bungee Cords instead of baby gates. I found that two substantial eye hooks screwed into the door frames with a bungee cord strung between them effectively kept Tom out of any room off limits. The baby gates actually created a hazard, in that they were too short for his height and he could fall over them. They were also a pain in the neck to open and shut for my access to my own space. The bungee cords allowed me to keep doors open throughout the house while securing his walk space. They also gave Tom a signal of resistance when his body touched on them, he never tried to get over or under them, and he was unable to figure out how to detach them.

I bought bungee cord by the yard at a local hardware store and tied them to clasps also bought in the same store. I could adjust length needed myself that way and it was actually cheaper to make my own then buy ready made"


LoJack's SafetyNet

LoJack's SafetyNet
Protect and rescue anyone afflicted with Alzheimer's

In an effort to stay informed and connected with the caregivers of people who wander they created SafetyNetSource, a media hub full of content from across the Web.

Public Safety training for police

Free Alzheimer's Public Safety training for police,

Both the American Police Beat web site ( and print publication are targeted to the nation's law enforcement profession and seek to give a voice to the nation's law enforcement professional


Adult ID Bracelets, "Sometime all we need is a light to show us the way home.", sells customizable wristbands perfect for Alzheimer patients. Each of our silicone wristbands is flexible and able to fit most wrists. Serving as an identification wristband, they help when Alzheimer patients wander away from their homes or get lost.

In addition to adult ID bracelets, there are allergy bracelets and penicillin allergy bracelets that can help save anyone’s life. They serve as a great medical ID bracelets for adults, or can even be used for children who allergic to penicillin or other medicines.

You can even create custom silicone bracelets to fit any Alzheimer patient. In addition to custom silicone wristbands, they also offer information about how to educate Caregivers and health facilities about the Never Lost Wristbands."