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Safety Locks: Cabinets, Drawers, Stoves, Refrigerators


Safety Locks: Cabinets, Drawers, Stoves, Refrigerators

    S334 The Sliding Cabinet Lock
    is an essential device that can be used to keep your child away from cabinets that are for adults only. This item installs quickly without tools and locks tightly onto cabinet knobs or handles.
    Adhesive Double Locks by Dream Baby, pack of 2, these latches are easy to install, mount to the inside of the cabinet to prevent opening and closing. The push down catch and self locking design provide the security you need.>
    Extra Long Cabinet Glide Lock by Dream Baby. With its extra long length and adjustable design, this lock opens to a distance of 8 1/4 to fit most cabinet knobs or handles. Fits D-shaped handles or mushroom shaped knobs.
    Angle Lock by Dream Baby
    perfect for corner appliances, refrigerators, drawers, cupboards and laundry cabinets. These easy to install latches adhere to nearly any smooth surface using a strong adhesive that can be repositioned or removed without leaving a trace.To open, press the button release mechanism and close with a simple snapping action. The lock is easy to install with no screws required.
    Oven Lock by Dream Baby. for ovens, microwaves and other household appliances, these innovative safety items will lessen the chance of burns and other kitchen tragedies. Installation is quick and easy! These locks adhere to your appliances using the included open with a simple snapping action.
    Home Safety Stove Knob Stop (Set of 5)
    Kidco Starter Lock Set
    First Watch Safety Catches for Cabinets & Drawers
    KinderGard Child Safety Cabinet Lock 2 Pack
    Watchdog Latch for Doors
    Oven Front Lock by Safety 1st
    Drawer & Cabinet Babyproofing and Child Safety Locks
    Magnetic Child Safety Locks
    The Mag Lock is the most unique safety and security lock on the market today. It is totally concealed and only opens with the patented, extremely powerful, magnetic key, refrigerator and other magnets won’t work.
    Hafele H0724541790 ‘Safe-Fix’ Magnetic Child Safety Lock
    On/Off Appliance Lock for Refrigerator, Freezer, Oven and more
    Knife-Safe Kitchen Knife Covers
    Electronic Door Locks Elderly
    Digiper Electronic Door Lock
    Alarm Lock 2000
    Combination Weatherproof Digital/Electronic Wireless Proximity Lock
    Alzheimer-Wandering – Door Locks
    Door Guardian Reinforcement Flip Lock
    The Alzheimer’s Store Invisible Cabinet Locks

    Door Safety

    American Red Cross Door Knob Cover – 3 Pack
    Secure Grip Clear Door Knob Covers 3-Pack
    Kidco Door Knob Lock 2 Pack in Clear
    Mommy’s Helper Door Knob Safety Cover
    Child Proof Deluxe Door Top Lock
    KidCo Lever Lock for Decorative Lever Door Handles
    Deluxe Bi-Fold Door Lock, 2 pack
    Childproof Bi-Fold Door Lock Transparent
    White Door Guardian Patio Door Lock
    Cabinet Locks – No Drilling
    Safety 1st Professional Grade Lever Handle Lock
    Safety 1st Professional Grade Window Lock – 2 Pack – Safety 1st – Babies”R”Us
    Safety 1st Screen Door Saver – White